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Evropeiska Svetlinna Industria Ltd. – Sliven, is the only producer in Bulgaria of wide variety glowing, halogen and gas-discharge lamps. The company is continuer of 70 years tradition in electro-lamp production in Bulgaria.
            The products of “ESI” Ltd. can be found in the market under trade-marks “EUROLAMP” and “SVETLINA”. The production nomenclature includes over 200 articles, as the biggest part is the glowing lamps for general function.
            For all the serious competition, the products of the company are selling successfully thanks to their high quality and reasonable prices. By light, electrical parameters and life, lamps with trade-mark "EUROLAMP” and “SVETLINA” respond entirely ahead of European standard requirements.
            “ESI” Ltd. guarantees high quality of their products with:

  • High efficient equipment, well provided for maximum observing of the technology
  • Assiduously selected personnel with experience and responsible attitude to the quality
  • Famous suppliers for high quality materials and components
  • Full set of laboratorial equipment for periodical and present control

Illustration for high quality products of “ESI” Ltd. are the results from parallel tests for light sources, “ESI” production and the other products offered from different companies.
The quality of the products with trade-mark "EUROLAMP” and “SVETLINA”, is on level with leading world producers.
The company is ISO 9001/2008 certified.
The products of “ESI” Ltd. are with guarantee origin, technical parameters, energy effectiveness and safety.

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